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Random shelves, good products

Random shelves

We have always been concerned with how time-consuming the shipping process is and decided to build a better shopping experience, just for our customers.
Our shelf is a combination of the traditional shopping experience and the online shopping process where customer can get the products they want as fast as possible while still being able to check for the best quality.
Since 2018, WYZShelf has been working to place our first shelves across different surburbs where it is more convenient for customers to get access to the products they want. Until now, WYZShelf has successfully been placed in 6 locations across Noble Park, Clayton, Clayton South, Carnegie, Huntingdale, and Springvale.

Good products.

Not only working to place the our shelves in the right place, WYZShelf is working to place ourselves in the customer’s shoes, to understand customer’s needs and strives our best to satisfy customers. We always want to find the most suitable products with the most suitable prices for you.
Over the first few months of operating, WYZShelf has delivered hundreds of products to hundreds happy customers. The system is still being built and we are looking forwards to gathering current pieces to form a structured network where we have more and more happy customers.

Join us today to try out this special way of shopping and define our own shopping experience.

WYZ. Find yourselves in our shelves.